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Fed Legacy Client Testimonials

“Working with Will has helped me understand retirement, understand my money and understand life insurance to help ensure my daughter is set up if something ever happens to me”

Dionna Mctaw

“Will helped me secure a life insurance plan which will last me my entire lifetime.”

Danita Dyer

Federal Employee For 8 Years

“Will is the first person who took the time to help us understand our policy and now we have enough funds available out there to ensure the boys will be in good shape if something were to happen to us.”

Carol and Johnny

“Will has been a great resource in helping me with my financial education and in turn, I was able to educate my kids about generational wealth.”

Brandye Kersey

“I contacted Will to make sure that I am educated on making my money work for me and making sure I have something to leave to my children who, in turn can leave to their children.”

Monique Pearson

“If you want to secure your family’s future, speak to Will today.”

Habiba Lomax

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