An Outside Term policy can be better than your Life Insurance Policy through your job if you have good health and a vision of how you want to leave your life insurance. For example, you’re a 45 years old who just picked up Life Insurance through your job, your term life insurance is going to be increasing every five years for the rest of your life in most cases. Whereas if you have your personal policy, that policy will be fixed for 10 years, 15 years; 20 years or 30 years. You won’t have to worry about the price fluctuation; you have one set price for the rest of the term of that policy. So, in that case, it makes it easier to plan when you have your Individual Policy, plus you can get a plan priced on your health instead of the overall group. This works if you’re healthy, it does not work if you’re unhealthy. So, you just have to consult your Financial Adviser or Life Insurance Agent to see which works best for you. But, Typically an Outside Policy works better for you because you can manage the cost easier.